AK Outfits Antarctic Airplane Recovery
June 29th, 2010

We recently collaborated with Katabatic Medical Consulting and Kenn Borek Air Ltd. on the salvage of a crash-landed DC-3. Located at a site over 3,300 meters above sea level in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, the remote crash site presented a number of challenges, including the logistical puzzle of supplying an operation at such a remote and location.

Mike Tayloe of Katabatic called upon Arctic Kingdom to outfit the mission. “We had very specific needs and very tight schedule,” Tayloe notes. “Arctic Kingdom was able to facilitate any and everything we asked for, supplying the appropriate equipment to support Katabatic Constulting’s needs for a successful project outcome.”

Based on Katabatic’s specifications Arctic Kingdom was able to procure, pack and ship the necessary equipment — including tents from the High Arctic — in under three weeks. This sort of world-wide logistical management is what we specialize in, ensuring that every one of our expeditions is outfitted on time and on budget, without compromising safety or quality.

Tune in tomorrow for video footage of the recovery operation!