• Warehousing & Consolidation
  • Customs & Brokerage
  • Multiple Carriers
    • Regions
    • Capacity
  • Private Charters
  • Back Hauls
  • Hub & Spoke
  • Ground Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Return year-end shipments
    • Sea/Rail

Many polar projects have significant freight requirements. Whether camping gear, scientific instruments, specialized vehicles, film equipment, sporting equipment, food supplies, fuel drums, heavy machinery or field samples to return for analysis, there is no end to the amount of gear that large or even “small” projects may require. Polar Logistics specializes in getting freight into and eventually out of the most remote polar regions of the world. Our logistics network starts almost anywhere around the world, wherever gear may originate, whether directly from diverse suppliers or from an institution’s or company’s warehouse. Consolidating warehouses are available at virtually every polar gateway city, where departures by air or sea will take the equipment on to the closest polar community. We can consolidate shipments into crates customized to the dimensions of each airline and/or can pack containers for travel by sea. For arctic shipments, when possible, we can truck freight further north, to the most northerly airport accessible by road should this reduce the air freight charges. We are able to handle customs and brokerage on international shipments as well as bonding and customs carnets for equipment moving temporarily into or through one or more international countries. We have shipped frozen goods, dangerous goods and hazardous materials and can look after procuring and properly packaging these supplies for shipping.

Polar Logistics works with virtually all of the world’s polar transportation companies in addition to one of the world’s largest logistics providers for international shipments and freight between most urban centres. Polar Logistics can leverage these relationships and the combined volumes we handle for more competitive rates than most companies or institutions could access independently. Polar Logistics also specializes in coordinating private charters and will seek to use charter aircraft for either inbound or outbound freight whenever there is extra capacity in order to provide an overall cost savings. For large volumes of freight, we may use multiple airlines, depending upon each airline’s available capacity to absorb part of the entire shipment. Polar Logistics will handle the receiving of multiple shipments at the polar gateway community, and when applicable, will organize for subsequent transport by ground convoy, barge, or bush plane to the final camp location.

At the end of the season or project, we can arrange for storage in anticipation of the following season or can look after the logistics of bringing equipment back by sea or land from alternative polar locations, providing a cheaper alternative to direct return airfreight. When return equipment is not time sensitive, we have access to a system of reduced-fare backhaul flights that can be used to keep expenditure at a minimum. Polar Logistics can also organize for onwards shipments to other polar destinations for subsequent projects. Whether providing our own hub and spoke distribution from a central polar location or taking advantage of all freight on every available scheduled flight, Polar Logistics will look after freight shipments at every step of the way from point of origin to destination and back again. We will reduce freight costs and find solutions to otherwise limited capacity through the combined volumes and economies of scale of the Polar Logistics Network.